Goodbye Picasa

Words Words Words

I am furious because for all the loyalty I have shown towards Google Picasa, they have done nothing to make Picasa more engaging for its users. I have been uploading on Picasa since 2002; with over 100 albums and only the heaven knows how many snaps. For all the action I have created, the traction and interaction on Google has no returns. Barely a handful of followers and comments that have stopped coming since 2010. Imagine, for a fleeting moment, I suspected that my works were not interesting! Anyway, I went to other people showcase to check if they are recieving comments, and viola, even their comments have stopped dead somewhere around 2010 (I checked 5 people’s showcase, but that was enough for me to prove my own point, LOL). Even the featured photo has been the same for months now. I kid you not, all the feature photos here below have the ‘upload year’ 2013 on them.


It clearly reveals even Google has abandoned developing this product further and it is a lost cause in their big innovative world! They can do so much to introduce new search features, suggestions, and ways to increase followers. They seem to have nailed it for ad words and profiling people based on their search. You have all kinds of suggestions popping in your inbox, search box, browser bar and all virtual places possible; now how about some algorithm to ensure photos get the view and traction it deserves? Sure, the bright answer to this would be, use Google+. But it is unfair that snaps that have been curated, captioned and whatnot over the years don’t get a fair chance.

I think the neck breaking speed of technological change is taxing. I don’t have the energy to move, reupload and caption my albums in a brand new site that might go obsolete in two months. I wish innovation giants would offer the courtesy of their innovation to historic content as well.

Picasa has been hardly updated featurewise, no comments or followers traction. The only update I see is in actual s/w application. Obviously all the features are replica version of what Instagram can do. But of what good are these edit features? When I upload them to Picasa and no one bothers to see them there anyway. I have no idea why they are letting Picasa die. Or they planning to do what “Yahoo! Photo” did? Shut shop one day and let all those stats you gathered disappear in the virtual world.

No longer will I bother to update on this void portal. So long Picasa. Goodbye!

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