Coding my emotions


Google Cake

I know it is just an algorithm. I know there isn’t a birthday elf waiting to customize my Google homepage on my birthday. But my face lit up like Edison’s first bulb when I opened my Chrome browser and the Google Doodle loaded.

B'day Cake :)

B’day Cake 🙂

When I clicked on the doodle, it went to my Google+ profile. Oh, the joy of being a Google homepage link! They have my birth date in the database and obviously my homepage changed because of this. Nevertheless, it warmed the cockles of my heart. Technology can be personal, even emotions can be coded. Happy Birthday to me!

3 thoughts on “Coding my emotions

  1. Haha, I ditto that feeling! When I saw my own personalised Doodle (well, it looked exactly like yours, so not really so personalised 😉 ) I was over the moon! Oh, Happy Birthday, by the way 🙂

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