Of Cake & Wisdom: 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge #5


20150223_231439 copy

One month before this day, the anxiety began. Did I do great last year?
Am I worth my salt? Do I deserve nice things in life…

Ah, the reflections we go through when the birthday comes around.
Trying to ascertain if everything was great, going to be great and continues to be so. As time goes by (read as I got older),  I realize uncertainty is definite, worrying about it is not going to make anything certain. I was not born with worries in my head and so I wear my hat and eat my cake!


Wohoo! I am done. This is my last day for the 5-day challenge.
Sukanya, thanks for nominating me!

I have not had the chance to pass the baton yet 😦 But my hopes are up today, anyone interested? Ask & you shall receive.  For the challenge, you have to:

1) Post one b/w snap every day for 5 days
2) Ask your friends to join the fun

Peace out!

2 thoughts on “Of Cake & Wisdom: 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge #5

    1. This is the first time i have actually engaged in a challenge. Even though I have an endless Picasa album, I recently ditched it because there is no traction there. I joined wordpress blog two weeks ago and moved some of my content from my website here as archives. I should have discovered WordPress and awesome bloggers like you long before. Never too late! Feels good to showcase my work on wordpress and even more interesting because I am motivated by these challenges. Thank you!


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