The Devil & The Ancestor



The demons head is built into the wall. It is a symbol to ward off evil and bring good luck in Southern parts of India. It is not a standard feature across every home, rest assured if you see one, you can safely assume that occupants in the house are ritualistically oriented. It specially wards me off 🙂 Since I am all about the faux pas and gaffe in homes like this where every moment my action would challenge their sentiments.

Anyway, the crow signifies death, darkness in some practices. In Southern India, it symbolizes ancestors. Matter of fact, after the food is cooked, some is offered in prayers and to the crow to signify feeding our ancestors for the well-being in spirit.

I love this snap for the very nature of portraying many symbolic messages. Although the crow hopes to be mutually exclusive of the devil, in this snap, it has seized the day and the devil. Another intriguing message it portrays is the faith the ancestor places in the devil to protect the home.

It is interesting to note the irony here … the devil wards off the evil. Rituals are all about how we operationalize our beliefs.

I only wish the clarity of this snap was preserved, alas I shot it too quick as I passed by.


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