The twist in my toilet roll story!

Words Words Words

20150309_163742Sometimes you just bored of doing a chore. It might be mundane, real easy and a no brainer. But there is only X many times you wanna replace a toilet roll! So this story is about how I plan to take revenge by not replacing the rolls …

Before I narrate the story, let me share the logistics of toilet role supply in my bathroom. There is the paper holder which can hold one roll and there is a rod that can hold two spare rolls. So totally 3 rolls is the sum total (yay, I did the math!) Now when the main roll gets over and one has been removed from the spare, I must immediately replace the spare one to bring the total back to 3. I can’t sleep otherwise. But I got vexed this time because I am wondering why am I the only one who is replacing it. Other entities in my home should chip in towards toilet roll sustainability.
In other words, why the hell isn’t my husband replacing the rolls?

So, my master plan was simple as ‘don’t replace it’. One spare is down, one more to go. I thought he would notice, at least after two days. Oh, the emptiness, the void on the freaking rod was heartwrenching for me. For him, nothing! Now I am tensed. There is one roll to spare, and the one on the main holder is half-empty or half-full (don’t make me go there).

I am still committed, I sacrifice my sleep. I wait for him to notice ‘tear after tear’, I wait patiently. But the only outcome is the main holder is empty and the second spare is now loaded on the main.

Next plan of action is let him run out and he will learn his lesson hard. But this means I had to endure 2 empty spare rods and the thinning on the main rod. No pain, no gain. I stayed put to the plan.

Yesterday he left to Las Vegas on work, I forgot the whole evil plan of mine. This morning I am in the loo and I ran out of toilet roll! Damn, I did not see that coming.


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