The Winter That Was: A Brave Lone Boat #2


The only Boat at the Jersey City Marina which stood the test of the North East winter. Surrounded by frozen water and snow, this brave guy weathered the weather.

The Hudson River is frozen. As you can see, the snow is accumulating over the frozen river. All the boats and yachts are in hiding. I am unsure if they have been loaded in the storage or have gone on a cruise. This lonesome boat stood in this dock through the winter, even through blizzard Juno and storm Sparta. On the right-hand side of this marina (not in view) are 3 more boats, however, they are packed tight like lunch in Saran wrap. Matter of fact, since the river froze and thawed a couple of times,  one of these boats sunk due to weather damage. It was a chaos with many firefighters, ambulances and ship rescue hovered at the Marina trying to figure out how to fish out the capsized boat. No live was lost.

Our hero boat here can now look forward to rocking gently in the spring waters. The little icebergs have melted… the birds are emerging. This is the winter that was.

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