One building coming right up …



Spaces around us undergo transformation all the time. We barely notice this when it is going on. The blue or green tarp sheet and the drilling noise registers, but that’s all the attention we ever pay to a construction zone. One fine day, a grand opening is announced and you look at the space, and you wonder … ‘hmmm, what was here before? I can’t recollect.’ Slowly but surely, our neighbourhood evolves, but this is not very evident if you live in the same neighbourhood. But when you move away and then visit the place after a few years, the changes surprise you… you find yourself thinking, ‘wow, the times have sure changed’. Every now and then, I like to visit the places where I grew up. To trigger a trip down the memory lane, to remind myself about the importance of cherishing things when they are with you and they are the same. We are after all creatures of habit.


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