Idhu Bru Ma

South Indian Food


I love my South Indian Filter Coffee. For me, my filter coffee is liquid Gold. I can’t start my day. Without my morning cup, I am like toy that has 5% battery but goes on the entire day. I am not fan of the stainless steel coffee filter. It takes forever to drip and can get messy. I use mine like a kitchen art deco piece. The smarty pants that I am figured out that my Mr. Coffee espresso makes a great South Indian coffee filter! Granted, it is not the regular drip style machine, and espresso machine, well it expresses fast. But trust me when I say this, the taste is not compromised.

Every morning I am energized by the very thought of the thick black decoction, the heavenly milky white and precious crystals of sugar blending together to make my morning cup of grandness. Aaah, the golden hue with froth, so mesmerizing, and each sip is nirvana… Idhu Bru Ma.


2 thoughts on “Idhu Bru Ma

  1. I remember the old “Besh Besh Narasus Coffee” ad! Good days! I’m ok without coffee though a good cup of filter coffee is certainly great!


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