Not googling it.



I am impatient, the calendar has turned to spring and the snow is still coming. I feel like a prisoner. Every decision to go out is like a long drawn out process. While I am captive to this, these birds love the winter. They fly free, tuck themselves in the snow, and eat stuff of it, although I am not sure what they are pecking at.  You can instantly observe the change in their behavior. I am no ornithologist, just happen to observe them every day through the window, I live by a river, right where their habitat is at. Without picking up a book or googling I learned few things like when they get excited, when they start to fly, how they attack each other and so on. It is very small reminder that looking up everything online is not the only way to learn. I read recently this, “we are information rich but starved for knowledge”, I loved this saying because it is true for me, it made think am I learning because I have endless access to content online? Matter of fact, I keep jumping from one link to the next without really absorbing anything. I feel like I have accomplished something by observing these birds over the winter. I had the urges to google what they were doing, but never got to it. Not really my priority to figure out what a goose was up to. Nevertheless, not doing it led me to learn about them over time. A sort of mini enlightenment and I can only hope I don’t go back to thoughtless/ random googling and remember this lesson. One of learning patiently.


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