House hunting … a nightmare, a dream

Words Words Words

The spring semester is long over now. And I know this cause I counted every nano second with all my energy. The exhausting final papers, the never ending agony and anxiety of whether you will get an A for final grade. But it went well. The term’s 4.0 is intact, so yay me!

And all that wrapped up at the perfect time … in time for home hunting. Yup, me on the moves again! “Here I go again on my own” …. eeer  okay, not on my own 🙂

I barely finished my the last assignment, and I was off to home hunting the next day because I have 15 days on the lease and I have to relocate, LOL! It was tiring and tedious, and I only have myself to blame because obviously I so picky that I annoy myself sometimes.

I have to have wooden flooring cause who wants to vacuum often with carpet and let’s not get started on the allergies it brings. If I am gonna get allergies, it better be the cat hair, not carpet.

I would not take one where there was no Island in the kitchen, or the kitchen must have space in the kitchen, and the sink must have disposal, and so on and so forth!  All of these became must have when I realized how quickly I can’t tell the difference between ingredients, food that is cooking, and mess within 15 minutes of entering my small kitchen! Here is a regular scenario, I would wanna stir the pan, but I will have no place to put the lid, and it will land up on the counter over the cutting board and knife. When I go back to chopping, I still have to find a place for the lid, so I will dump it in the dish rack, and when I get to cleaning the utensils, I will forget the dirty lid in there! LOL.

Back to home hunting … if I saw angled walls, I ran out as fast as my legs would carry me. Only the furniture Gods would know what a challenge it is to fit the queen size bed with 2 nightstands in a bedroom that looks like they forgot to keep the wall in a straight line while building the room! Why in the world would they do that? And the leasing office person was super helpful, “why don’t you put the bed by the diagonal wall?” Sure, if I don’t want to ever access the closet or change my clothes, I will put it there!

Let’s just say, I am a classic pain in the butt when it comes home hunting. When I moved in Bangalore, I saw close to 35 homes over 6 months before I picked one. Then I stayed there for 4.5 years, so glad that paid off! Whew.

But I nailed that home in spite of 1000 criteria checklist over the weekend! Beyond platinum. And just right after the pollen got to me. I was on a full blown war path with pollen and desperately trying to fight my flu for a whole week. I obviously got a cold, but this was my first spring allergy flu and boy is that a experience. I used to wonder why Claritin ads spiked before the spring season. Now I know why. Soldier down for a whole week.

It was time to pack, it is a one bedroom apartment. And I am a less is more person. I declutter, reorganize, even when there is no need to do so. In spite of that, I saw many objects that I could do away with. Of course, I had to haggle with other entities at home to see that it really does not serve a purpose 🙂

I had a many “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” moments. A strong urge to give every thing away and just hibernate. But that ain’t happening. My flu was still on although I rested for a whole week. Brave me, summoned the energy to pack. In total, 30 boxes were packed over 4 days. 2 people, 30 boxes? How much stuff does a man need? If you get it, I am proud of ya!

So yeah, the stuff came over to my new place, which I love love love BTW. And I unpacked 30 boxes in 2 days flat cause the only the good universe knows that I stand to see things out of place. If the can opener is a nanometer to the right of its chalk marking, I am gonna go bonkers for sure. J.K.

But yes, what has been a nightmare for the past two months has finally come to an end. I have set up the dream home I want. The pretty picture in the foyer, all glass jars in the frosted glass cabinets, the walk-in closet and what not.  The last two months have been super hectic for me, but now it is time for me to kick back and enjoy summer!

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