Honey Bun, The Cat

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I went to a cute little store called “Indian Town Gallery” in Outer Banks, NC. The store had so many precious things … some quirky, some quaint and some just quizzical. As I was exploring the treasures of this store, a white ball of fur was rubbing against my leg … a ball named Honeybun. What a befitting name.  She is incredibly cute that it would instantly bring out the goochie goochie goo in you!

She was so calm and had this gentle aura around her. A friendly one too, she let me pet her for a bit. Then when I went to the other end of the store, she came that side after a few minutes!

The store owner said the cats are at the store all day long! She said cats, that’s plural. Sure enough! There is also a pure black white named Sammy. But Sammy was playing ‘hide and go seek’, I wandered around the store and kept calling his name. But I was unlucky that I could not see a black cat that day, how ironic!

Nonetheless, Honey Bun made my day! Nothing like a dose of cat love for everyday happiness 😀


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