DIY: Color Your Wall !


A little splash of color on the wall is always a welcome in my bedroom. Given the fact, the default color of my walls are a dull grey (in the pics, I have added color on white for contrast), I was desperate to brighten them. I did not want to go out there and spend too much money in buying wall art. I was on the hunt for buying something artsy for the wall, but nothing caught my eye.

Then I was reorganizing my study, I found three identical design frames in different sizes. It had a white flower pattern embossed in 4 corners. Viola! I saw a project. I decided to find  a mandala design that will match the embossed flower and create something colorful.

After 2 hours of browsing, I found a good Mandala that I could modify for my creative project. Since my quilt had an array of colors, I had plenty of color options that I could experiment with. I took the the basic design and tried some color combinations. Here is the outcome!


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