Binge Worthy: Survivor

Binge Worthy

My summer holidays are on. I have few more weeks of total freedom before my internship starts. In the meanwhile, I have picked a new addiction, Survivor!

The crush I have on Jeff Probst can’t be explained. I never pay attention to any host of a show, but Jeff has something that I am unable to explain. The dimple, a smile, the way he connects with this players and brings in the precise point in an unarmed way at a Tribal Council. Never have I admired a host before like this one!

I started with Survivor Nicaragua that featured Brenda, Fabio, NaOnka, Purple Kelly, etc. I had no idea what this game was about but the minute I watched the first episode, I knew it was binge worthy!

Every aspect of this show is well thought, from the host to the the amazing editing that makes the viewership come back to the show. As you progress in each episode, you start to feel for the players, for instance, I felt intensely bad when Brenda Lowe was voted out. I thought she should have been the winner. Although Fabio is also a good choice, so the end made it good for me.

Survivor has been so binge worthy that within a month, I have watched the following seasons.

  • Survivor: Tocantins
  • Survivor: Redemption Island
  • Survivor: Samoa
  • Survivor: South Pacific
  • Survivor: One World
  • Survivor: Africa
  • Survivor: China
  • Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

I loved the twist when Natalie won when it was Russell who took her to the finals in Survivor Samoa. I also liked it when Ozzy won Sprint Player of the season (South Pacific) leaving Coach wondering, “what just happened?”

My favorite so far has been China, South Pacific, and Heroes vs Villains. Survivor One World was beyond boring and Colton was unbearable! Currently I am watching Survivor: Fans vs Favorites … I am loving the complete Cochran transformation!

Well, my binge watching will continue … thankfully I have lots of Survivor Seasons to watch!



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