CB&W: The National Christmas Tree 2015

Photography, Travel


IMG_3365_DxO Sepia

The White House Christmas Tree 2015, D.C.

The National Christmas Tree is an evergreen tree located in the northeast entrance of the White House in Washington, D.C. Every Christmas, it is decorated grandly in a selected theme and a lighting ceremony is organized as well. The locals/tourists pour into the park to enjoy the festive decorating and share the spirit of the season. The tradition of lighting the National Tree started in 1923.

For the CB&W challenge, I present the National Christmas tree that was decorated with shimmery gold and silver lights this past Christmas (2015). Given the original lighting colors, I decided to go with a sepia tone to preserve the hues as much as possible.  At the base of the tree are scale model trains that go around the tree in loops. The bridge you can see in this picture is meant for the Amtrak train to pass through.

Surrounding the National Tree is a circular path where individual smaller trees are decorated to represent each State in America. Below is the State of Virginia tree which is where I reside currently.

The State of Virginia Christmas Tree, D.C.

The State of Virginia Christmas Tree, D.C.


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