Good Ol’ Times, Scottsdale (AZ)

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Walking down Old Town in Scottsdale, AZ feels like being in a carnival without the merry-go-round. There is much color everywhere, street artist, and quaint little shops dotted along the streets. It is perfect for window shopping and even better if you intend to buy.

As you enter Old Town, you will notice art installations of horses, Native Indian theme designs, and magnificent old trees. The explosion of colors in the landscape infuses enthusiasm instantly.




As soon as I stepped into the shopping area, I was greeted by draft horses ready to take anyone for a carriage ride for forty dollars. Alas, it was noon and too hot to take ride. So I had to trade it for any activity that would provide shade.


I spotted a shop flooded with Mexcian paraphernalia. Much like a flea market, every table has an assortment of objects. I for one have a lot of patience and like treasure hunting in stores like this. It had its fair share of the usual trinkets like magnets, coasters with Mexcian theme motif. But there were some unusual artifacts like “the worry doll”, “rainmaker” and “junk art showpieces.” I spent a good forty-five minutes exploring this store and filling up my basket with goodies that make life a little warm and fuzzy.

I decided to give shopping a break and walk through the streets since I went a little crazy in the first store. A black figure was sitting in the chair, I observed a few sitting next to it and taking pictures. When they opened their wallet to tip the figure, it came alive! It was a real person in black paint. I squealed out of delight because I never seen anything like this before.




After my excitement had worn off,  I walked further to find another similar figure. So I was smug like, “you are not going to fool me” and waited around for him to move. A good five minutes passed, and a few people were giggling. I was wrong but common, it looks realistic to me!


I spotted a gallery-museum called Ortega. If you like object d’art and have a penchant for impulsive shopping, I advise you to turn around and walk away. The art and furniture in this store come with a high price tag. Although each and every item are exquisite, it is not something I would purchase while I am on a vacation. Perhaps when I am redesigning a room, I would definitely consider buying a thing or two from here since the designs are one-of-a- kind.

Right about now, I was getting hungry and was ready to hunt for my food. My faithful hunting equipment (Yelp, of course) directed me to “Los Olivos,”  a cozy little joint that served flavorful Mexican food. Happy to report that I loved the kitschy decor, the food was delectable, and the Coronita delivered the right amount of kick I needed to get going again.

Of course, I am lying. I was one happy cat after the Coronita, and all I wanted to do is take a nap. But I pressed on. It was delightful just walk about the streets of Old Town because one gets to witness the sights of yesteryears. Below is a set-up of a blacksmith shop that got me visualizing artisans working there with these tools. I particularly liked the wall color with its salmon pink hues.

Every nook and corner was filled with art and history. It is impossible to witness a dull moment in this festive place. I heard the song, “play that funky music white boy”, playing loudly right behind me. I turned to see a party bike (think it was called Tour De Tavern) go by me. A gang of fourteen were singing along chugging their beer. Sure looked like a lot of fun. I want to try it sometime. Overall, my street exploration was a success, I managed to click a lot of snaps of art, architecture and history.




It was 4 P.M.  and have been on my feet for almost six hours now. I decided to call it a day. While I was done with Old Town, the reverse of it wasn’t true. I spotted a dusty building that was closed on one side due to construction. The sign indicated it was a Native history museum. I stepped into this building and I was instantly transported to another era. What does this place reveal? I will fill you in my next post. Do come back to know more ….

Scottsdale, AZ | December 2016


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