Cee’s B&W: Lines & Angles


Cee’s topic for this week is my absolute favorite. I love lines and angles, so my eyes went like saucer plates when I read this week’s topic. Lines are angles are best showcased in “Black and White”, naturally, I am delighted to submit my entry sooner than later. I am going to present lines and angles of architecture, and natural light.

The subject below caught my eye because of the lines in the lighthouse and the railing creates a two-level composition. While one subject is vertical, the other is horizontal and also forms a semi-circle; I thought it forms an interesting play for the idea of lines and angles. This photo was shot in Jersey City, NJ.

Candy cane lighthouse

I also find farmhouse and stables to be great subjects for this topic. The wood used in these architecture makes great vertical lines, and the sloping of the roof introduces diagonal lines. I shot this picture in diagonal angle to emphasize both directions of the lines. This picture was shot in Old Town, San Diego.


The structure below is  a restaurant name “The Church,” in Old Town, Scottsdale (AZ).  Any building in the corner makes a great subject for diagonal angle composition. The lines of the two walls that meet, the Cross on top, the fencing below are layers of lines that make this picture work for lines and angles.

IMG_3476_2_DxO (2)

The Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) in New York without a doubt makes a great subject for lines and angles. The possibilities of lines and angles for this subject is endless! I went circling this architecture framing lines and angles, and just by shifting the focus by half-an-inch, I would discover a whole new perspective.

IMG_1924 (2)

The picture below is shot on my mobile phone while I was in the car (as a passenger).
Every day, I pass through this bridge and through the bars I could see manufacturing plant through it. I love how the diagonal and vertical lines align in this picture.
This photograph was also shot in Jersey City, NJ.


Another favorite subject of mine is the natural light that passes through window blinds.
I keep changing the angle of the blinds and adding subjects by the window to create line and angle photography (I wasn’t kidding when I said this is a favorite topic).


A lounge chair in my study



The light on my bedroom wall


I hope you enjoyed these photos. I will see you at your lines and angles post!




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