UP Close & Personal: Tales of a Tree

Photography, Travel

Located in Vittalla Temple, Hampi, this tree is hauntingly beautiful with thousand eyes all over its bark. I believe the Historian stated this is a Magnolia Tree (any experts out there? please comment).

I am not sure how old this tree is. But I felt like instantly drawn to it as we exploring the temple. I was deconstructing the tree as I was framing it. I observed how the roots were so menacing; it broke through the stone ground to claim its space.  On its bark were stories on how life could be rough and smooth at the same time.  Each and every eye were like an artistic imprint. I cannot even begin to imagine what historical events it witnessed.

I felt like I should capture its essence because if you think about it, this tree has lived with history. It is the closest one can come to touching a living history.

From my archives: Vittala Temple, Hampi | Jul 19, 2012


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