Deconstructed: MV River Princess

Photography, Travel


DSCN1483 2

DSCN1485 2

The “MV River Princess” is a scenic delight to photographers. I was not aware of
this shipwreck history when my sister and I planned to visit the beach. So when we
arrived at the beach, I was thrilled to find a giant subject like her waiting to be photographed. Nonetheless, the ship is a nightmare to nature with its rust and
oil seeping into the water.

The 240-m-long ore carrier grounded on the shore of  Sinquerim-Candolim
seashore in the year 2000. And after twelve long years of planning to take
the ship apart, it was deconstructed in the year 2012. I am sure the
ecotoxicological damage is done. Nonetheless,  it was imperative that the
rusty mammoth had to be taken apart. I am glad I got a photo-op with her.

From my archives: Candolim Beach, Goa | Aug 29, 2010.

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