Of Wine and Speed

Photography, Travel

Mario Andretti is renown for racing stock cars on the dirt tracks. I was blissfully unaware of this background when we met this legend in person at Andretti Winery at Napa Valley.
I was more enamoured by the Italian village charm of the winery. So whilst I was busy being trigger-happy, many hovered near Andretti hoping to have a short conversation. We learned that he is rarely around the vineyard as Pennsylvania is his home.

Andretti was the first stop at Napa Valley. This was my first time ever wine tasting! Oh boy, trust me to land in Napa, the land of wine snobs for my first taste experiment. Previous to this, I had been to one vineyard in outskirts of Bangalore City. Obviously, cannot compare the two. I was a rookie who was praying feverishly  that I would not say anything dumb like, “ooh, yummy.”

It was a  heady tasting of five selections. I am not used to it, so it hits me like a bullet. I am watching everything with a big grin plastered on my face and perhaps everyone in the room knew. What can I say? To Napa!

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