A Home with a View: Jersey City


I have seen the Manhattan skyline in movies, sitcoms, dramas and ads. Never did I dream that I would live by this view. I did, for two years. I stayed in Jersey City by the waterside in an apartment with teeny tiny closets and bay windows that were wall to wall.

From my apartment, I could enjoy the coveted view of Manhattan skyline. The One World Trade Center and other architectural wonders were visible from the living and the bedroom bay window.

The view was breathtaking, I loved it. But the bay window meant something more than access to a great view. To me, the window opened a world of new experiences. I would stand by the bay window and observe the geese and seagulls in winter. I could hear the loud deck parties in summer. Meditate on the slow ripples of the water. While away time watching the amber sunset and slowing moving boats. I even observed the rescue of a sunken boat once.

I could experience the moods of Manhattan; a rainy day, a sunny day, the orange sunset, a mysterious foggy evening … the skyline and her moods were delightful.

The window was also a social observation deck. The boardwalk below was always busy with people who perhaps lived in the high rise or were visiting to enjoy the view. I could see people in a state of joy, having a moment, feeling alone, or having fun with their friends. It was like a social experiment that was playing out and anyone who lived in this high rise could see and feel things from afar.

It has been a year since I moved out of New Jersey, and I am glad I had the opportunity to call Jersey City as “home” at one point.

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12 thoughts on “A Home with a View: Jersey City

    1. Yup. A sit out, balcony or a bay window changes how we experience the world outside. What is cut off by a wall becomes accessible by these features.


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