Photo 101, Solitude: The Lonely Elephant



As I entered a temple in Bentota, Sri Lanka, I spotted this lonely elephant. It was a depressive sight; I could see the sadness on its face. I never really understood why temples like to keep elephants in captivity. While we go to the temple to seek solace and solitude, these gentle mammals are deprived of their freedom and subject to
an unwelcome sort of solitude.

cropped-seal_v2-01Day 5 | Solitude & Rule of Thirds


7 thoughts on “Photo 101, Solitude: The Lonely Elephant

    1. I really pity them. Some temples do take good care of the elephant. This one had shackles tied to her foot. I asked the priest as to why it has been tied, and I was informed that she is wild and needs to be tamed. Oh, the irony!


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