Photo 101, Connect: Windows


A window connects us from the inside to the outside. The feeling of being cut off and cooped up is fixed with a window in the right place. I particularly enjoy how a window also gives me the chance to find interesting subjects and action for photography. Here is my selection of three shots from a window.


A window in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

I went to Harpers Ferry over the weekend. This historic place in West Virginia is a  photographer’s dream come true. Architecture, history, and scenic landscapes can be shot in a single click. I didn’t try too hard to find a beautiful angle or subject.
I just pointed my camera and shot.  I was mesmerized by this window’s view on a stair landing. The history note stated that the home was rented for $60 a month. Not bad for a room with a view!

IMG_4091 (2)

My current view

A large window in my study faces the swimming pool and small garden patch with patio seating. I like observing the activities through the season. People shovelling snow in winter, frolicking by the pool in summer, and what not. I have to mention the guy on the segway here 🙂 This dude uses his segway almost 4 times a day. I have no idea where he goes or comes from. But I see him carry grocery, laundry, etc. It is an interesting sight and I cannot miss it because my laptop faces this window.


The window in my previous home

Ah, how much I miss this view. People on the boat, birds on the tree, dogs on the boardwalk. I experienced many connections from this one.


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