Photo101, Warmth & Light: Just before the wish


Warmth in the heart and light in the candle. But birthdays are tough when you are grown-up. One week before the big day, I embark on a research; trying to figure out where is my life and where I am going. They are of course not in my head, someone will pop them eventually. Then comes the idea that I have turned a year older. Then comes the question about what I want to do and whom I want to spend my birthday with.

How I wish it was simple as when we were young. When birthday decisions were limited to what cake I want and what dress to I want to wear. I am spending it my parents and friends from school, simple.

I love that delightful moment when the cake is set in front of you, there is no one else in the world but you when the birthday song begins, and there is this second just before the wish…

Well, on the bright side, we still get to have this moment even as a grown-up 🙂


Day 9 | Warmth & Light


19 thoughts on “Photo101, Warmth & Light: Just before the wish

      1. Switch off the lights in the room. Try to take it in pitch dark conditions. The source of light for the camera is only the candle. Hence it becomes sharp.


  1. Very nice.
    I always think that I’m only a day older than I was the day before. Life is about what you do now, if you think too hard about where you will be in the future today will have passed by un-used.
    … and happy Birthday too 🙂

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