Photographer’s Question #2.



DSLR, Point & Shoot, Polaroid,  mobile camera, tablet camera and the list goes on…
many types of camera are available to us. I prefer to use my DSLR but sometimes shoot on my Android phone. Once I forgot both my phone and the camera, my iPod saved the day and I took many snaps in that. I was grateful because this location I went to was most amazing. In total, I have three: a DSLR, my mobile camera and an iPod.

My curiosity poses the question: How many cameras do you own?  List them if you please. And if you want to see those iPod snaps, read this post.

Look forward to your answers in the comment section!

37 thoughts on “Photographer’s Question #2.

    1. Not all. You need more 😀 Each camera must have a particular advantage over the other. Ever been in a situation when you were composing a shot, you wished you have some other camera from your collection?


    1. Yeah. The quickness of a phone is cool. Sometimes I rely on my phone cam to click quick snaps. It is so helpful because I find too many things curious and will want to click it and pulling out a big camera is just too tedious. Thanks for commenting.

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      1. the other reason why I often take photos with my phone is because I don’t/can’t really see the beauty of our country anymore, so I don’t feel the need to pull out my DSLR. of course I know that there are many beautiful spots here I just don’t take the time cuz life here is just too fast.

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      2. Ah yes. I am guilty of that too. Matter of fact, sometimes I look up tags of cities I have lived in and I see beautiful snaps taken by travelers. And then I wonder why I did not take any .

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  1. So, besides my ipad (which I rarely use because it looks silly) and my iphone (that I only use to Instagram, which has mostly pictures of my cats) I have a Sony NEX-C3, one of Sony’s first mirrorless cameras. I love it, but its life spam is ending… so I need a new one.

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      1. Yes… what I mean is that its life is ending. 😦 I don’t know if all cameras have it, or it’s just my model, but the buttons aren’t made to be used as a normal dslr. So most of the manual adjusts I can’t use anymore. I hhave to rely on most auto features (which is quite frustrating). This is probably why Sony doens’t make this model anymore. Their newer mirrorless cameras even have viewfinders!

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  2. I have a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, a bridge camera and my Android tablet. I use my tablet (even though it looks silly) whenever I see something interesting on my way back home from work. The streets are always hiding something interesting 🙂


    1. A nice collection you have there. I had a bridge camera once. It got stolen 😕 I know holding up a tablet looks silly. I tried shooting once with laptop camera. Dumbest thing I ever did. Lol.

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      1. Well you never know it unless you try it :). Sorry for you stolen camera :(. The bridge is quite practical and not as heavy as a DSLR (I always have back pains after carrying it) 🙂

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