Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hit the Road Jack


Lucky for me, I am a passenger on all the road trips. I am a safe and slow driver, so I never get control of the car because people want to reach the destination on that day. Lol.

Camera in hand, I am ready to click the scenic routes of the Freeways, Expressway, and Highways.



SFO, here I come.



Long winding freeway of VA



To the Grand Canyon



E-ZPAss? Yes, please.



Entering D.C. from Maryland




17 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hit the Road Jack

    1. Thanks. In the last few miles of Route 64, you can see the Canyon from a distance. Matter of fact, shooting the Canyon from afar was more interesting than the up-close and personal ones.

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  1. SFO (?) coming out of the tunnel is the winner for me. But the black and white one changes the time reference for the Grand Canyon one. (You could photoshop a different car onto the road, and change the era)

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  2. What a great post . . . . I’ve finally found you after I spotted we are neighbours in Cee’s list of blogs she follows and so thought I’d pop across and say ‘howdy neighbour’. Really love these highway shots, your first three in particular.

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    1. Glad you liked the one. The snap clarity is not great but the mood turned out great with rain, wipers and just a hint of the Washington Monument there. I shot it on the mobile phone.

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    1. 1 and 3 is rental car. So screen is clear. 2 and 4 were taken right after I washed my car. And 5 was taken while it was raining. That’s my formula for windshield photography 🙂

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