Thursday Doors: Little Italy Part 2

Photography, Travel

More doors from the Streets of Little Italy, Baltimore.

IMG_4789Another door of the same Cafe, Gia. Now you must be piqued to see this place. You must.
Even the tables have portraits painted on them.


My favourite one in this series is the Black door with Orioles cheer on and around it. The baseball wreath is so innovative and I love how the team logo (The orange and black bird) is weaved into the garden scene. I think this door establishes the point that even standard doors can be made inviting and festive with a little imagination.

Rocco’s Capriccio, Italian Restaurant. The distressed look is totally working for this door.


The service entrance to a restaurant (I think).


This door caught my eye because of the sheen on it. I also like how the wall transitions into a white pattern right next to it. I do like doors close to changing patterns; it makes the whole thing more aesthetically interesting.

To view part one, click here.
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13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Little Italy Part 2

    1. It was fun and interesting because I got so carried away that I forgot I was walking on the soil of United States.
      Just enter Little Itlay and you will forget where you are for few hours, guaranteed.

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    1. So true. I always noticed doors where ever I went but after noticing Norm’s challenge, I started to take snaps of them to share them here. That’s the beauty of the challenge, doors aficionados unite 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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