Chic onions & potatoes

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Onions and potatoes, the magical ingredients that do wonder to any recipe we make. Here is my DIY to a chic onion and potato basket that takes less than 15 minutes to do!

You will need:

2 Storage basket
Scrapbook paper
Plastic twist ties
Quirky quotes and a printer

I got my basket from Walmart for $7 each. You get them at the “Container Store” too, but they are $14 each. I used song and movie quotes related to potato and onion to keep them quirky.

I first established the size of the creative by using an A4 white sheet. I took extra length for it to fold backwards behind the basket. Once I figured the size, I test printed the quote on this sheet. This way, I can do many prints to get the alignment right because I have only one chance with my scrapbook paper. Once you have your alignment, you can print on the scrapbook paper of your choice. Although, ensure the background is light so that the quote is easy to read.

Next, poke holes in the corner of the creative; place it against the basket and fasten with plastic twist ties. Now you have an organized and a chic place for your onion and potatoes!


DIY: Color Your Wall !


A little splash of color on the wall is always a welcome in my bedroom. Given the fact, the default color of my walls are a dull grey (in the pics, I have added color on white for contrast), I was desperate to brighten them. I did not want to go out there and spend too much money in buying wall art. I was on the hunt for buying something artsy for the wall, but nothing caught my eye.

Then I was reorganizing my study, I found three identical design frames in different sizes. It had a white flower pattern embossed in 4 corners. Viola! I saw a project. I decided to find  a mandala design that will match the embossed flower and create something colorful.

After 2 hours of browsing, I found a good Mandala that I could modify for my creative project. Since my quilt had an array of colors, I had plenty of color options that I could experiment with. I took the the basic design and tried some color combinations. Here is the outcome!

Anjarai Petti Makeover

Artsy, South Indian Food

Not a big fan of stainless steel containers… so my kitchen is full of glass or porcelain. But the spice box is something that does not come in either material and it is an absolute essential utensil in South Indian Cooking. So I decided to jazz it myself. Read the captions on the photos for creative process.

Visual Transliteration: Mind Block



The brain short fuses. Nothing clicks, everything seems like hard work.
I go through that phase now and then. Trapped in cubes, my thoughts want to set free … to reach the creative corners but sometimes I get stuck in the middle. I have to bide time, wait till the ‘mind block’ bursts and thinking shall be mine again.