CYW: Red Birds



After a series of pink where I was second guessing if my pics were a true color match or not, I am happy to post one knowing that red is red.

Color your world: Red


Cee’s Fun Foto: Caboose!


Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park in Herndon, Virginia offers peace of mind in the form a long stretch of road for runners, cyclist, skaters, and people who love nature walks.

This park has many features along the way. Walking along this trail is an adventure, you will see kids in baseball practice, golf lessons,  mini bridge, birds, flowers,  art gallery, library, and what not. My favorite part about this trail is this unique installation, a caboose! This is an attraction for kids to explore and learn about old freight trains. You can see the interiors through the glass but cannot go inside. There is also a train station from the years before. It is a charming and interesting place to explore even if the rails go nowhere.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Autumn – Metal

CYW-Piggy pink: Rugged and dainty, if you see it.


IMG_1810 - Copy

I have experienced the Pink Jeep tours twice.
Once at the Grand Canyon and the second time at Red Rock Canyon.
The jeep I have seen in most ads are rugged and dark colors,
thus associating the object to man.

But this brand has cut through the stereotype, with its very pink jeep.
This brand embraces the gender stereotypes and portrays the harmony of rugged and dainty, all in one.

Color your world: Piggy Pink