CYW-Piggy pink: Rugged and dainty, if you see it.


IMG_1810 - Copy

I have experienced the Pink Jeep tours twice.
Once at the Grand Canyon and the second time at Red Rock Canyon.
The jeep I have seen in most ads are rugged and dark colors,
thus associating the object to man.

But this brand has cut through the stereotype, with its very pink jeep.
This brand embraces the gender stereotypes and portrays the harmony of rugged and dainty, all in one.

Color your world: Piggy Pink

CFFC: What you sow…


I live in a place surrounded by farms and vineyards. If I ever want to get away from the busy schedule, I just take my camera and head to the farms and spend time with fruits and vegetables. I picked tomatoes and okra from this farm in Virginia. The okra was made into chips and the tomato into a pickle. It was delish!


Cee’s fun foto challenge: Harvest- Earth