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Photo 101, Water: Belong in spite of the odds.


A tree log by the beach ain’t unusual. Washed up by the waves and grounded on the beach, this tree is far away from home. But my take on this photo is beyond what you see physically.

To me, it represents about being out of place, yet fitting in beautifully like it was meant to be. So many times, I have faced the fish out of water situation, and perhaps I could learn something from this tree. To try and learn to be part of whatever the situation is. To feel like I belong in spite of the odds.


Bentota, Sri Lanka


 Day 3: Water & Orientation

State of Mind: Curiosity

Photography, Travel


I was not aware of the concept of “Surf Fishing.” I assumed fishing is a sport done only by the river. When I saw this man with a fishing pole, I first thought he was experimenting. My curiosity kicked in. And my trigger-happy instincts kicked in as well.

State of Mind: Outer Banks, NC | June 2015