Cee’s fun foto: Winter water across the coast.


Winter. Brrrr. The very thought of it makes my spine cold! Here are some pics of the winter and waterside that I have enjoyed.


Flags in front of restaurant by the waterside



A lone boat in the dock.


Birds enjoying the frozen river

Northeast winters have no mercy, I travel to a warmer climate for a few days
every winter ūüôā


Cee’s fun foto: Winter-Water

You can never come back from Red Rock Canyon

Photography, Travel

The constant whirring of the slot machines, the dings of the win, the clink of the glass, the hypnotic lights, and the thick cigarette smoke that tear your eyes is a constant in any hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

And if you are not into this scene, just head out 20 miles West of the strip and drive straight into a serene scene of the desert mountain. The Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful sandstone landscape that will capture your soul. Each peak and valley are unique with the tricolor rock formation. The red rocks are a result of oxidation of the iron minerals, thus looking like the limestone is fused with another rock.


Views of the canyon at the visitor center


Visitor center view

To enhance this beauty were snow capped mountains in the background and desert plants in the foreground. The air was refreshingly different from the thick blanket of smoke I endured at the casinos. It was hard to believe that this place was barely 45 minutes away from the strip.

IMG_6087 copy

The foreground is desert plants and snow-capped mountains in the background.
How scenic!


Close up of the snow-capped mountains


Shades of red with limestone on top.

My husband and I booked the Pink Jeep tour. A bus picked us up at the hotel and dropped us off at the Red Rock Canyon visitor center. From there we went in the Pink Jeep which drove us to scenic spots. The first part of the drive was on concrete roads.

IMG_1782 - Copy

Concrete roads + views

IMG_1779 - Copy

iPhone panoramic shot. I experimented with this for the first time. What results!

IMG_1777 - Copy

The same rocks everywhere, but it never gets old. I love how the land just transforms from one state to the next.

IMG_1771 - Copy

Spot it: the moody cloud with a hint of blue, the mountain, and the ups and downs of the barren land. And If you have keen eyes, the concrete road with cars.

After a couple of stops, we approached reddish gravel roads.  This was the beginning of the offroading adventure that felt like one long chiropractic adjustment! The twist and turn of the mud trail were riddled with rocks and our expert tour guide ensured he drove over each one of them. I tossed like a salad in that jeep, in a good way.

We could see some few people trying to hike along the mud path. But as we went deeper and further, there were fewer people and things to see. This was the heart of the trip ‚ÄĒ ¬†it was just us, nature and a very pink jeep. I could hear the winds whisper my name. I am a¬†sucker for nature and went into my meditative state instantly. Along with that comes the wonderment, “what it would be like to live in a place like this?”
Who hasn’t had that experience? *wink*

After ten minutes,  It was time to leave this undisturbed piece of heaven.
It was back to the visitor center with one last stop. A rock which had prehistoric handprints. It was fascinating to see the touch of human from thousands of years ago.

Then the jeep takes us back to the visitor center, the bus takes us back to our hotel.
The dings and the clinks resume.