Cee’s Fun Foto: Caboose!


Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park in Herndon, Virginia offers peace of mind in the form a long stretch of road for runners, cyclist, skaters, and people who love nature walks.

This park has many features along the way. Walking along this trail is an adventure, you will see kids in baseball practice, golf lessons,  mini bridge, birds, flowers,  art gallery, library, and what not. My favorite part about this trail is this unique installation, a caboose! This is an attraction for kids to explore and learn about old freight trains. You can see the interiors through the glass but cannot go inside. There is also a train station from the years before. It is a charming and interesting place to explore even if the rails go nowhere.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Autumn – Metal


WPC: Abstraction of the edge

Photography, Travel


Shot on August 12, 2016 at VA Beach.

I feel refreshed as I embrace all the elements on the beach at Virginia. The cool of the water, the earthiness of the sand, the crisp of the wind, and the heat of the sun.

Sit down and watch the edge of the horizon, it feels definite yet is ever expanding.
Stand at the edge of the shore and watch the edge transform with every  tide.
Walk down to the edge of the pier; it feels like walking on water.

CB&W: The National Christmas Tree 2015

Photography, Travel


IMG_3365_DxO Sepia

The White House Christmas Tree 2015, D.C.

The National Christmas Tree is an evergreen tree located in the northeast entrance of the White House in Washington, D.C. Every Christmas, it is decorated grandly in a selected theme and a lighting ceremony is organized as well. The locals/tourists pour into the park to enjoy the festive decorating and share the spirit of the season. The tradition of lighting the National Tree started in 1923.

For the CB&W challenge, I present the National Christmas tree that was decorated with shimmery gold and silver lights this past Christmas (2015). Given the original lighting colors, I decided to go with a sepia tone to preserve the hues as much as possible.  At the base of the tree are scale model trains that go around the tree in loops. The bridge you can see in this picture is meant for the Amtrak train to pass through.

Surrounding the National Tree is a circular path where individual smaller trees are decorated to represent each State in America. Below is the State of Virginia tree which is where I reside currently.

The State of Virginia Christmas Tree, D.C.

The State of Virginia Christmas Tree, D.C.


Beneath My Feet: Rails to nowhere



The Washington & Old Dominion Caboose in Herndon, Virginia.

A railroad that once carried cargo and contributed to the economy.
Now it stays rested in Virginia for joggers, bikers and runners to enjoy the idea of acquiring a lesson in history as they warm up for their exercise.

This caboose is forever parked in the ‘Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park’. I got into it hoping to get into the cabin and see what’s going on in there but the door was locked. As I turned to get down, I saw what’s beneath my feet… a railroad that will never be travelled again.

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