Cee’s fun foto: Winter water across the coast.


Winter. Brrrr. The very thought of it makes my spine cold! Here are some pics of the winter and waterside that I have enjoyed.


Flags in front of restaurant by the waterside



A lone boat in the dock.


Birds enjoying the frozen river

Northeast winters have no mercy, I travel to a warmer climate for a few days
every winter 🙂


Cee’s fun foto: Winter-Water

‘Tis the season for a nor’easter


Winter at its best. The nor-easter Jonas buried Northeast with ~28 inches of snow this January. Of course, I am delighted for a photo op session with the weather. The photo below is my personal favourite for this Season;  it has the perfect mix of misty fog, snow in the wind while being bright as well.

It is very reflective of my mood as well. Like the subject in this snap, I feel so caught in the gloom of winter. I quote my words from last winter: “Winter so white, winter so bright, it’s time to go, please no more snow.”

Stuck in snowstorm.jpg