Photographer’s Question #1: Do you take snaps of yourself when you travel?


A question a lot of people ask when they see my vacation snaps is, “where are photos of you?” I am one of those people who like to shoot but not pose for any. I am curious how many share my sentiments or otherwise. So, I want to know:


23 thoughts on “Photographer’s Question #1: Do you take snaps of yourself when you travel?

  1. I am just horribly non-photogenic and most people are not able to catch me in the good moment. I love taking portraits and photos in general and since I met my husband, he completely ditched taking photos himself…so we always end up having thousands of photos of the nature, scenery and towns and whatever, lots of him doing stuff, looking thoughtfully or just plainly looking cool wherever we went, but maybe two – three photos of me where I look awkward. Or, some together pics taken by people who don´t focus well or cut the legs in the knees or just have no eye for composition whatsoever. That is the sad truth behind my otherwise lovely travel photography hahaha.

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  2. It never occurs to me to put myself in a photo (unless it’s a carefully staged “portrait” over which I have complete control and only then because my mother insists of wanting photos of me). I travel to experience new places, not to insert myself into them. Plus, as you probably guessed already, I am so not photogenic!!!

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    1. By demand of others, I take a few too. But I have to come to realize that I am creating a memory trail of my travels by doing so. More recent times have seen me more willing to take one or two snaps than run away from the scene altogether. I never guessed your are not photogenic. And I still am not guessing it 🙂

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      1. I get what you’re saying. I think if I felt more relaxed in front of the camera, I’d be happier appearing in shots. At the moment, I often end up analysing my appearance, rather than enjoying the shot for what it’s meant to be.

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      2. I am very often conscious in front of the camera. So, here is what I do. I don’t think I am smiling at the camera. I think I am smiling and saying hello to the photographer. It kinda works for me now.

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  3. I once met an avid photographer who professionally clicks wildlife and nature, he had pointed out to me, real photography is all about seeing the world like no one else does! He used to loathe selfies and thinks that selfies are an extended obsession of narcissist people!
    I agreed with him to some extent, but also feel that creative selfies do unravel a new style of art!
    But while traveling, I do stick with enjoying the ambience around me than self loathing in my pile of ” Socially unworthy” selfies!

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