Dense: Concrete Jungle


nyc 1

nyc 4 - Copy

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nyc 3The facades of NYC piques the interest of most people. NYC is perhaps a must see destination and in the bucket-list of vacation spots for most too. The buildings here encompass a gamut of qualities that one can possibly imagine in the world of architecture. Historic and modern. Artistic and traditional. Tactile texture and visual texture. And so on.

This place has so much to see, so much to offer. How can one everywhere without going everywhere? Head to the One World Observatory and take in the views of NYC without a gazillion footprint.  A large glass window showcases the city in every direction. You can walk a few steps to the next window panel and you would have a different perspective of this dense concrete jungle. Each view is breathtaking and tells its own story, you could spend hours here just walking, trying to analyze and observe this great city and yet feel like you cannot take it all in. I was told you can see the three states from this observation deck.

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Kinky is the name for shocking pink!

las vegas advertisement

Kinky Drink Ad I spotted as I walked down the Las Vegas strip.

I just discovered the color your world challenge. Fabulous!
I have so many pics in my camera that don’t fit any theme but neither are they a total oddball. Here is one ad in Las Vegas that caught my eye.


Shocking Pink

Cee’s Odd Ball: The angel and the blackbird


Amused by this headless statue in front of Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas Strip, I decided that this angel deserves a spot in the world of odd photos. And suddenly, a blackbird decides that he/she wants to be part of this fame. And thus the duo earn an eternal spot in this week’s Cee’s odd ball photo challenge.



CB&W: G to the H!



G for glow like the amber stone and the moon.
Look closer in the translucent stone and
you will an insect fossil. Both are on display at the
Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

And if you want to catch the Big Bang Theory in gambling mode,
head to Las Vegas. I think this machine was at The Venetian.

The honeycomb cross section was captured at the
Shenandoah Valley farm house display.

Happy to participate after a long time in CB&W.