Cee’s fun foto: Winter water across the coast.


Winter. Brrrr. The very thought of it makes my spine cold! Here are some pics of the winter and waterside that I have enjoyed.


Flags in front of restaurant by the waterside



A lone boat in the dock.


Birds enjoying the frozen river

Northeast winters have no mercy, I travel to a warmer climate for a few days
every winter 🙂


Cee’s fun foto: Winter-Water


Photo 101, Water: Belong in spite of the odds.


A tree log by the beach ain’t unusual. Washed up by the waves and grounded on the beach, this tree is far away from home. But my take on this photo is beyond what you see physically.

To me, it represents about being out of place, yet fitting in beautifully like it was meant to be. So many times, I have faced the fish out of water situation, and perhaps I could learn something from this tree. To try and learn to be part of whatever the situation is. To feel like I belong in spite of the odds.


Bentota, Sri Lanka


 Day 3: Water & Orientation

The Winter That Was: Goosey Goosey Gander #4



The Hudson water froze time and again. Whenever there were ice sheets on water, these geese would have a blast swimming in and around these sheets, walking on them, diving into the water from the sheet and so on. If two sheets are nearby like this picture, paddling through the center partition was some game. They were at their playful best when there are ice sheets, cold wind and it was snowing it too, Brrrrr. While, I got to enjoy all this from behind the window, this one snap I had to haul my butt out to click it. Was worth it 🙂 Goosey Goosey Gander to the winter that was.

The Winter That Was: A Brave Lone Boat #2


The only Boat at the Jersey City Marina which stood the test of the North East winter. Surrounded by frozen water and snow, this brave guy weathered the weather.

The Hudson River is frozen. As you can see, the snow is accumulating over the frozen river. All the boats and yachts are in hiding. I am unsure if they have been loaded in the storage or have gone on a cruise. This lonesome boat stood in this dock through the winter, even through blizzard Juno and storm Sparta. On the right-hand side of this marina (not in view) are 3 more boats, however, they are packed tight like lunch in Saran wrap. Matter of fact, since the river froze and thawed a couple of times,  one of these boats sunk due to weather damage. It was a chaos with many firefighters, ambulances and ship rescue hovered at the Marina trying to figure out how to fish out the capsized boat. No live was lost.

Our hero boat here can now look forward to rocking gently in the spring waters. The little icebergs have melted… the birds are emerging. This is the winter that was.